About me

Hello! I am a artist painter born beside the Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland and have always been captivated by the richness of my multicultural heritage. Now residing near Zurich, my passion for art permeates my life as a dedicated mother and creative force.

My artistic style is characterized by its dynamic fusion of realism and abstraction. With an innate ability to channel the power and energy of my subjects, my emotionally charged oil paintings draw viewers into a world where nature, human and energy connection coalesce. I thrive on spontaneity and exploration, allowing my ideas to evolve and layer, resulting in a harmonious blend of color and form.

Nature, music, meditation, and dreams serve as the wellspring of my inspiration. My love for trees, flowers, bodies, water, cloudy skies and the expressiveness of faces is evident in my artwork.

My Journey

From a young age, my love for drawing knew no bounds. I adorned every surface I could find – from my hands and clothes to school desks and home walls – my favorite subjects being flowers, eyes and faces. My childhood curiosity led me to experiment with various artistic media, including gouache and oil painting.

Despite pursuing a career in economics and later working in the travel and the food industry, my dedication to my craft never waned. Throughout this time, I continued to draw and paint in my free time while attending an art academy in Zurich. The birth of my children ignited a newfound desire to express my emotions and inner energy through my artwork, share my creations and connect with others.

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