Paintings that ignite your inner fire, connect to your truth self and awake your joy of life!

Bring colour, emotions and positive energy into your space to uplift you mood. Awake your inner fire to shine from deep inside and feel good just to be your truth self and live your life plenty.

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People and nature original oil paintings

This collection conveys how we feel surrounded by the nature and its elements... 

Upcoming collection

My entire next collection will be released in mid late spring 2024.... 

Sacral Chakra original oil paintings

Sacral Chakra: it is about this fantastic energy we have: creativity, sensuality,... 

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flower of joy and bee, set of 6 cards, A6, Emmanuelle Erard Art

Send some sunshine and happiness.

Set of cards

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About the artist

Hi, I am Emmanuelle. I grew up beside the Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland and I am now residing near Zurich.

My artistic style is characterised by the dynamic fusion of realism and abstraction. My emotionally charged oil paintings draw viewers into a world where nature, human and energy connection coalesce. I thrive on spontaneity and exploration, allowing my ideas to evolve.

With my paintings I want to awake our inner fire, ignite our soul, to shine and enjoy life.

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✦ Impressions ✦

  • Man and fire: I love it. There is lots of colours, textures, intensities. We can see some things, guess some others and there is room for mystery and imagination.

    - Andrea
  • Bath: It is sensual, fresh and I love all these green shades.

    - Patrick
  • Man and Ice: I love the play with the hue of blue colours. I feel rebirth!

    - Caroline